Who Are We?

Bullish Guru monitors the market on a daily basis looking for the hottest, most trending penny stocks that possess a hidden potential to be huge winners. We put forth an unmatched effort, so that we can be able to provide YOU with the most strategic picks by pouring over countless, vast amounts of information. Now, how often we are able to send out alerts is going to be dependent on how often we are able to find a pick, that is going to be worthwhile and promising. This can be 2-3 times a week or perhaps, just a few times a month.

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  • Reasons behind our success in Stock Market Alerts

    Did you know that many large companies started off being worth, absolutely, next to nothing to a cent and then all of a sudden a take off begun? Believe it or not many large-cap companies are now trading on big boards like NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX, were all once trading as small, micro-cap (Stocks below $5 per share). These stocks provided a huge upside potential for traders who buy into them before the public heard about them. Our research shows and has proven that we know how to find these stocks that posses the hidden ability to move up more than 10% to over 1000%+ in a short period of time.

  • Winning & Losing is a part of Trading

    There are over, probably, a billion dollars being traded in the market on a daily basis. Would you not want a piece of that? Penny Stocks are very volatile; as a result, are able to make huge moves. They have incredible short-term potential and often, one can see gains from a 100%, all the way up to 1000%+ in very short periods of time. A penny stock that moves from 5 cents to 10 cents even, would mean that your investment just DOUBLED!

  • News Updates directly in to Your Inbox

    Hurry and join today! Bullish Guru is a opportunity for you to be provided sophisticated, but comprehensible knowledge on penny stocks for all investors. The Bullish Guru website will provide you with information such as current/active penny stocks, as well as the most gainers for that day. Our useful articles on penny stocks will guide our visitors and subscriber on initial stages of a penny stock; because in present-case scenarios, some people are and can become very confused about penny stocks. So if you’re interested in receiving our alerts, that will have the potential to bring 100%, 300%, or even 500% or more in returns! Then what are you waiting for? SIGN UP! It’s completely free!

  • Take Notes & Experts Advise

    Bullish Guru will only give you the most current and useful data to help you succeed when it comes to trading penny stocks. We provide our readers with updated news, research, investing ideas, and trend analysis. We do not have such intentions to overwhelm your inbox with dozens of alerts everyday that have little to no potential. We will ONLY send you what we think are the best penny stocks in today’s market. Many of our new members have even been referred to us by our existing members.