Our New Opportunity: BioLargo Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO)

BLGO (BioLargo Inc.) focuses on unique disruptive solutions to deliver clean air, clean water and a clean, safe environment (www.biolargo.com). BLGO has a deep and expansive R&D facet, with collaborations that read like a who’s who list of top universities, governments and industry leaders

The company’s engineering division features experienced professional engineers dedicated to integrity, reliability, and environmental stewardship (www.biolargoengineering.com). Its industrial odor control division, Odor-No-More (www.odornomore.com) features CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator (www.cupridyne.com), which eliminates the odor-causing compounds and VOCs rather than masking them, and is now winning over leading companies in the solid waste handling and wastewater industries and other industries that contend with malodors and VOCs.

BLGO’s subsidiary, BioLargo Water (www.biolargowater.ca), develops the Advanced Oxidation System “AOS,” a disruptive industrial water treatment technology designed to eliminate waterborne pathogens and recalcitrant contaminants with better energy-efficiency and lower operational costs than incumbent technologies.

And its subsidiary, Clyra Medical (www.clyramedical.com), features effective and gentle solutions for chronic infected wounds to promote infection control and regenerative tissue therapy.

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Our Team Highlights the Following Key Points:

  • BLGO just released a study thru its subsidiary Clyra Medical, that has proven effective at completely inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 killer spray safe to use on faces and PPE, could revolutionize the N95 mask dilemma plaguing the healthcare system on the frontline and become a major retail solution for businesses and households
  • BLGO has validated commercial viability with early revenues coming in at $1.9M.
  • BLGO saw record revenue in 2019, growing total revenue by 37% over prior year.
  • BLGO recently won contracts to provide environmental engineering services to seven U.S. Air Force bases.
  • BLGO is coming off an RSI trough under 40, pointing to a massively oversold stock now heading back the other way.
  • BLGO just recorded a MACD Bullish reversal, suggesting a technical change in trend.
  • BLGO recently broke above key sloped and price level resistance with technical resistance now sitting above as much as 75% higher.

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