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HealthLynked Corp. (OTCQB:HLYK) is in a very interesting situation with what appears to be a positively skewed forward path in terms of execution and opportunity. Some of this we can glean from the overall context and the company’s stated strategy – an innovative play on the electronic medical records boom spurred by the legal mandate put in place five years ago demanding that health practitioners move to an electronic records management protocol.

But we can get a sense of what’s on the way for the company from its latest press release, especially when considered in the context of its most recent financial data, which represent a story of accelerating execution and performance.

HealthLynked Corp. (OTCQB:HLYK) has a number of inherent advantages, which is why it’s worth considering in the first place. The EMR problem is so widespread and so costly – in time, energy, and money, and for most all of us, most all of the time – that’s it’s almost hard to see. Like fish may have a hard time seeing water. We swim in inefficient dysfunction when it comes to our management of the mandate towards “electronifying” our medical records system.

But the company is guided by a proven executer: Dr. Michael Dent has had huge success, taking NeoGenomics – a Nasdaq listed company – to billion-dollar market-cap status, driving the stock up as much as 25,900% before stepping aside with his exit. NEO has continued to thrive, with a current market cap of $2 billion today.

He has brought in some of his longstanding top teammates for the HealthLynked project, which should inspire confidence for shareholders. In that vein, the company’s recent performance should inspire accelerating excitement: For the three months ended June 30, 2019, the company reported tremendous year-over-year gains, including a 113% increase in revenue in Q2’19 compared to Q2’18, a 13% jump in patient appointments (from 4,010 in Q2’18 to 4,533 in Q2’19), and a 426% jump in “Time of Service” collections (from $152,174 in Q2’18 to $801,067 in Q2’19). The company’s sequential quarterly growth was also powerful, with a 160% increase in revenue to $1,208,390 in Q2’19 compared to $464,990 in Q1’19, a 22% jump in patient appts (from 3,712 in Q1’19 to 4,533 in Q2’19), and a 526% jump in “Time of Service” (from $127,809 in Q1’19 to $801,067 in Q2’19).
Past is Prologue

That forms the context for the next step, which was the company’s announcement of the launch of its new website at

According to the release, the site features a range of enhancements that will help ensure an improved customer experience and better define the Company’s products and services to its various markets and is designed to more effectively direct HealthLynked’s major visitor groups–patient members, physicians, partners, investors, media–to the sections of the site that are most interesting to them.

The release also gives us some insight into where this story is headed next, and it’s exactly what we want to see here:

The Suite’s three software/hardware elements, Patient Access Hub with encrypted Wi-Fi, QwikCheck, and Practice Analytics, are among HealthLynked’s most popular products and will be the focus of a Fall 2019 sales initiative. The Company is also introducing its “lynked” patient members program for $1.00 per month where users have access to upgraded data storage of 1GB, significant discounts on medical supplies and other services.

A newly added member support area will now feature video tutorials on Hub installation, QwikCheck smartphone check-in procedures, and how to use the Practice Analytics. That section will also offer interactive webinars on various topics and be the home of HealthLynked Presents, a video series featuring prominent physicians discussing issues related to general healthcare issues and specialized medical presentations. The revamped blog center will focus on current medical events and trends in healthcare and healthy living.

We see this story turning into a cloud services play that effectively enables a solution to the traffic jam preventing 21st century modernization of the healthcare system, which, in the US, is effectively the world’s all-time record disruption opportunity. It’s heavy with history, inefficient as heck, bigger than just about any other niche on the planet, and due for a new path.

Right now, we see HLYK as one of the most interesting prospects in the race to dominate that puzzle.


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